Orazovaniya online platform LiveEdu.TV starting with tocancel


LiveEduit is a decentralized ecosystem that teaches people to create products in the IT industry. LiveEdu creates a kind of YouTube for professional development. You can also compare it with Lynda.com but already the next generation. Unlike other online platforms for professional learning – the project is not focused on beginners, and requires students to have some knowledge of the subject. People take part in the creation of real projects and also have access to all necessary resources and files that will help them to create similar products for yourself.

The new version of the platform LiveEdu.tv will be launched in 2018, and will include 8 topics: Artificial intelligence, “Cybersecurity”, “game Development”, “data Science”, “Cryptocurrency”, “Programming”, “Design”, “Augmented and virtual reality”. On these topics in the ecosystem LiveEdu will create more than 10,000 projects. Planned building projects in English, Chinese and Russian.

Tocancel starts January 15 – cost of 1 token is$ 1 for 10 EDU, contributions are accepted in BTC and ETH. The bonus on the first day is 20%.

LiveEdu is a finished product with monetizirovat model and an experienced team. Founder and CEO LiveEdu is Dr. Michael J. Garbad. The core team working together since the launch of the company is Alex Zhukov, Ilya DC. The rest of the team is young businessmen, teachers, engineers, designers, interfaces, and technologists from Amazon, GE, Photobucket, Rebate Networks, Lashou and Mail.ru. The creators of the project have significant experience in education and video streaming.

EDU tokens will be fully integrated into all the core modules and transactions for LiveEdu – payments for all the financial transfers, the promotion of project developers, students, moderators and developers of the API ecosystem.

LiveEdu is a classic model that is very suitable for tokenization. Blockchain decentralized key features of the product – both on the supply side and the demand side. Tokenization – key approach that LiveEdu plans to use to solve problems and encourage early content creators.

Additional details in the telegram chat of the project. Also available is a video presentation LiveEdu.


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