Overview the Nvidia RTX 2080 ti


Overview the Nvidia RTX 2080 ti

Overview of RTX 2080 ti

New video cards from Nvidia are positioned as new coil technologies using ray tracing. Graphics card designed for the Turing architecture. The analysis starts with the rear aluminum cover, which is through the thermal pads additional heat dissipation. Pads are installed in this map, an unusually high number – in the analysis it is necessary to clearly remember where they were located. The thermal interface on the different chokes and are marked in different colors. Nvidia made sure to strip not tech – now they have a fabric structure. In the eye catches a free space for one memory chip.

Power controllers, memory, and chip are the same – UP 9512 P. the characteristics of this memory is not inferior to the IR 3595 controllers that are installed in the graphics card from partner Nvidia. Controllers UP 9512 P using the SMBus interface, which helps monitor food temperatures. SMBus is very useful when overclocking.

The voltage Converter includes 13 phases for the GPU and GDDR memory 6 – 3 phase. The controller pulse width modulation allows you to better monitor and manage stress, including adjusting the running phase. As a result the entire range of power consumption is characterized by stable efficiency.

Three phases of memory allocated at the top of the video card drivers control do not exist. Transistors have a huge power reserve – 70 And at a sufficient rate to 30 A. the scheme is applied more resistant to high temperature polymer capacitors.

For major meets 2 cooling fan 13 blades, which is the evaporating chamber. Aluminum back cover helps to reduce noise in comparison with the 1080 ti.

Tests RTX 2080 ti in games

For clarity, we compared 1080 2080 ti and ti. In all tests, Fire Strike is the new 1080 ti is ahead by at least 15%. 2080 ti in the test mode Time Spy new development won 1080 ti on 35 points.

Testing 2080 ti in games was conducted with the processor i7-7820 X, which has 8 cores and 16 threads. All core was broken. RAM – 16 GB, frequency – 3200 MHz. Comparative test results 2080 ti in Far Cry 5 in high resolution allow you to feel a little superiority of the new maps:

On a lower resolution there are practically no differences. Tests 2080 ti in the game Shadow of the Tomb Raider does not show a huge difference between the 2080 and 1080, but the game still felt smoother in 4K:

The new game Shadow of the Tomb Rider is sharpened by the 2000 series, but hardly gives 65 shots in a relatively calm stage. When large-scale massacres, likely, possible drawdown up to 50 frames.

Testing 2080 ti in the game the Witcher 3 at high resolution also creates a pleasant feeling of smoothness than 1080 ti, but a significant difference is not observed.

The test results cause resentment on the part of consumers:

  • A little ahead of the performance of the previous flagship 4K more than kompensiruet two or three sliders graphics that will allow you to align the result without any visual damage and getting similar performance on ultra-high resolutions for 1080 ti.
  • Monitors Ultra HD 4K is not all.
  • All the benefits of 2080 ti now cannot be felt, as even a powerful 16-thread Intel processors do not allow the map to be dispersed at full capacity. If you buy 2080 ti – in addition to the respective monitor will have to spend more on a new PC.
  • The temperature is 81 degrees casts doubt on the reference cooling.
  • “Revolution” is evident in the rays and the reflections in the puddles, which in the foreseeable future will be only four games, and in Battlefield 5 the advantages of a GeForce RTX 2080 would be cut down for performance.
  • Increase of productivity by 20% does not match the huge price of 96 000 roubles.

The last point causes a wave of indignation – the price of RTX 2080 ti does not correspond to map features.

Technical specifications RTX 2080 ti

Mining RTX 2080 ti

In idle the power consumption is 65 watts. When overclocking 2080 ti for broadcasting (Power limit – 70%) electricity consumption comes to 240 watts. At maximum PL consumption can achieve 370 watts.

The mining tests gave the following results:

  • Ethash – 58 Mh/s.
  • Equihash – 980 H/s.

As you can see, Hasrat mining broadcast on RTX 2080 ti slightly higher than 1080 overclocked ti with a tablet (up to 55 Mh/s). Do not forget that the pill is used for memory GDDR5X, i.e. new maps, it will not work. It only remains to accept the fact that Nvidia is moving away from the mining market, leaving it to AMD or wait for the new software, revealing the potential of tensor kernels of the series RTX.

The results

Highlight the main conclusions:

  • Nvidia is not positioning the RTX as an entrance to a new level of performance.
  • To buy RTX 2080 2080 and ti for resolution below 4K it makes no sense, the majority of gamers will continue to play in Full HD.
  • Miners are waiting for software updates and new products from AMD.

About the change in the price of the ASIC and the video card for the last 3 years you can learn from our material.

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