Owner Bitcoin.com Roger Ver is considering launching cryptocurrency exchanges


Roger Ver, CEO Bitcoin.com stated that the provider of the wallet Bitcoin.com plans to acquire their own stock exchange. In a recent interview in Malta, he said Bitcoin.com is looking for a partner to create the exchange.

“If we create it, we’ll be able to not only save money but get exactly what we need”, – he told about the plans.

Ver expects that people who use the purse and are directly to the potential customers of the future exchange, therefore, he intends to create a marketplace on the same website. Ver says that plans to establish a stock exchange are still in the early stages. It also aims to increase the adoption of Bitcoin Cash, making it the base currency for the new exchange.

Currently Bitcoin.com has its own mining pool, wallet and news resource. Ver noted that the location of the cryptocurrency exchanges on the website will create instant liquidity because of the current popularity.

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