Pantera Capital: By 2020, the price of cryptocurrencies will grow ten times


Pantera Capital: By 2020, the price of cryptocurrencies will grow ten times

According to forecasts of the investment company Pantera Capital, by 2020, the market value of the cryptocurrency will increase tenfold.

In an interview with Bloomberg, the representative of investment company Joey stated, that the momentum of growth of the cryptocurrency market can give solution to the problem of network scalability bitcoin. If the developers will solve this problem, there is a high probability of a sharp increase in demand for digital assets.

Circle said:

All markets focus on scalability. If you do not, you will not have and conditions for growth market indicators.

The representative Pantera Capital believes that at this stage, the network bitcoin can’t compete with the leading payment systems Visa and Mastercard, as they have higher performance. However, bitcoin has good potential to solve this problem.

Over the next few years, the main blockchain cryptocurrency will be much better than now, which will allow the network to process transactions faster payment systems. In this case, the coin will pull up all the digital assets and the market value of cryptocurrencies will grow about ten times.

Similar to the forecast previously announced by the expert and cryptocurrency investor Mike Novogratz. He ruled out the option of the jump in bitcoin this year, but said that until the middle of next year we can expect an aggressive trend, in which the main digital currency will become a growth driver of the entire stock market.

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