Passive earnings on cryptocurrency: instructions for beginners


Talk about passive and semi-passive ways to obtain money through cryptocurrency.

When we talk about opportunities to make money with cryptocurrency, we usually envision-hour trading or regular purchase tokens on ICO.

However, there are other ways that do not require our active participation and the time: they can be semi-passive (require a bit of time) or completely passive (does not require time). You can choose your method depending on available capital and willingness to try new things.

Passive methods of earning


Blackany algorithm Proof-of-Stake (PoS, proof of stake) allow you to earn more coins by storing already available. In exchange for assistance in the protection of the network and redundancy of your capital you will receive an amount proportionate to the inflation coins. There are many PoS-coins are different methods of implementation and compensation — here you can view a list of them and links to characteristics. The specific case of PoS — delegated proof of stake (DPoS), when people vote for delegates, not stacking as individuals. Remuneration, usually a little higher in DPoS-coins, such as Ark and Lisk.

The initial rate varies depending on the coin. In addition, in some cases, you will want your site (Noda) was constantly online, while others, like those in the Ark, only need one time activation through the purse. The earnings on the node often shows better results than simpler methods, due to the fact that it takes more time and requires greater rates. If you consider that you prefer a more passive method, stacking on Ark can provide approximately 10% of the income without special preparation, apart from the possession of coins and select the delegate.

Earnings on the exchange

Some exchanges such as Kucoin and COSS, contain tokens that allow you to share charged by the exchange to the Commission. As a rule, a specific percentage of the commissions collected by the exchange is returned to the holders of tokens, and this percentage provides you with dividends that are proportional to the number of your tokens.

This method cannot be called stable because it depends on current inventory exchange. However, if you do buy on the stock exchange the coin to the growth of its popularity, when its rate will increase, you can get very high returns due to the initially low price. Please note that works back scheme — if trading volumes decline, you may lose as the price of tokens and dividends. Also keep in mind that dividends can come in the form of coins sold only on the exchange, and not universal coins. This means that if you own only a small number of coins on the exchange, the earnings on each individual coin will be too small for an actual sale.

Coins with dividends

Owning certain coins, you can receive dividends in the form of other coins just for keeping the original. For example, NEO generates Gas, and Vechain — THOR. Usually, each unit of the original coin produces a certain number of new coins. These new coins are often connected with the payment of network charges, while the original coin can be equated to network capital. The level of profitability is quite low (~ 3% for Gas from NEO), but the investment will not require anything from you except knowledge of the original coin, so this method can be considered very passive and low-risk.

Semi-passive methods


Airdrop is a free analogue of the cryptocurrency. By registering on new projects, users can get some free tokens. Typically, this is done for promotion. New projects give free tokens when registering the community members or standard registration with a minimum of personal information. Typically, the amount issued in the form of airdrop, in terms of Fiat currency will be small, but if you hold a token long enough, provided that you have chosen a good project, they can grow in price, which will transform your digital savings into substantial amount.

In addition, airdrop coins usually you can get few resources, so in a short period of time, you can get hold of a considerable amount.

Platform Earn to monetize the time becomes extremely simple. After registering (you will need e-mail working of a company or educational institution), you create a profile on the site. Then you will start to receive money for receiving messages, answering and other tasks from other users of the platform. Currently payment is made in bitcoins. The specific amount depends on you, but usually it all comes down to your “importance”.

In addition, Earn also contains lists that you can subscribe to get messages from people from a specific demographic categories or interest groups. For example, there are lists of people from certain universities or professions. There is also a popular list of recipients airdrop, which allows users to get free tokens from projects in development.

Affiliate links

Many sites, such as the popular exchanges like Coinbase and Binance, offer a referral program, where you will pay for attracting new customers.

Simple layman, this method probably won’t bring much income. However, if you have, for example, a popular blog or YouTube channel, and so a large audience, referral links can become quite lucrative. These programs are usually paid by tokens from the exchange list. Coinbase pays a fixed amount of bitcoins, while Binance charge to your account a certain percentage of fees collected from your referrals in the form in which carried out the collection (either the coin or BNB).

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