Payment solution Pay Ink added to the Coinbase Wallet


Decentralized platform for p2p payment Protocol Ink announced that Coinbase Wallet payments are now available via the app Ink Pay, reports .

Big News! Ink Pay launches on , creating a trustworthy way to buy and sell on all P2P marketplaces. Earn public, transferable reputation that can be used across platforms and free yourself from centralized marketplaces!

— Ink Protocol (@PayWithInk)

The main advantage of the app Ink Pay is the opportunity to see the reputation of the seller before making the payment. Also customers can leave their own reviews about merchant. Payments available including on third-party sites using tokens XNK or ETH.

Currently, the token XNK is the primary payment method on your own marketplace Listia. According to co-founder of Ink Protocol of JI-hwan of Coinga, using tokens XNK you can buy more than 3 million products.

“Ink Pay provides the ability to safely buy or sell on any trading platform, while gaining a public reputation for each transaction. We join Coinbase in order to make cryptocurrency more usable”, he said.

Coinbase representatives say that payment solution is not available for all jurisdictions.

On the launch of the Coinbase Wallet, “simple and secure” wallet and browser, which are intended to replace decentralized mobile browser Toshi, company Coinbase last week.

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