PBoC blockchain opens research center in East China




The People Bank of China (PBoC) has accelerated its efforts to promote financial technologies such as the blockchain, opening a new research center in Nanjing.

Digital Currency Research Lab, part of the capital of the Eastern Jiangsu province with a promise to develop financial technology in partnership with the municipal government. The tools created in the new project, will be provided with more financial and academic institutions of Jiangsu, including the branch of the PBoC in Stancu, the Bank of Jiangsu and the Nanjing University.

Local media reported that the PBoC seeks to create an economic link between the various government agencies including: policy, production, research and development, education and much more. Nanjing will simply allow the Chinese Central Bank to integrate government agencies, high-tech parks, financial institutions, universities, research institutions and research institutions in one immutable niche data exchange, which may mean wide distribution of the blockchain technology.

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