Platform Hyperledger Fabric integrated Ethereum virtual machine


Platform Hyperledger Fabric integrated Ethereum virtual machine

The Protocol is open source Hyperledger Fabric, highly scalable blockchain solution to enable interaction between the various corporate services, now supports the virtual machine, Ether. This means that the Fabricкак Hyperledger users can now create smart contracts. Same as users of Ethereum.

Hyperleger is a unique project. Created by the Linux Foundation, the service was created with the support of IBM. The result is a platform upon which companies can create their own services. Hyperleger the sense that any created on this platform corporate blockchain will be compatible with the other services running in the ecosystem.

What does the platform integrate EVM – Ethereum Virtual Machine? With this in Hyperledger Fabric, you can run the smart contracts and decentralized applications deployed.

The creators Hyperlegder say that working in unison, two reliable DLT Protocol can provide significant benefits to the clients of the service. For example, you created in the Ether blockchain dApps now you can transfer the blockchain Hyperleger.

In IBM believe that the integration of EVM in the structure Hyperleger is a huge step forward. This system allows you to develop decentralized applications, capable of operating in private and public blockchains. The type of applications running on Android and on iOS, without having to create two separate base codes.

Vladimir Pakaluk

After graduating in 1996, of the history faculty of the Sumy pedagogical Institute worked at the school, then as a watchman in a Park, then a journalist of the newspaper “Dankor”. In 2004, Timur Dorofeev called me a freelancer at FHM, and after six months I was employed, however, another magazine, the upcoming launch of the Ukrainian Men’s Health.
If we Dorofeyev were a couple, then he would agate the wedding 14 years together.

From Men’s Health I was lured in Maxim magazine, where shortly before my arrival Dorofeev worked as the chief editor. Then Timur was invited to lead a Time Out Kiev — and guess who freelancer in this magazine? Right, I am. When I imagined a personal journalistic drimtim, of course saw him as the great and mighty Dorofeeva. We were finally to meet and work in a team, not as an editor and freelancer, but as a real editorial. This happened in 2013: we did the weekly glossy Supplement to the newspaper “Capital” – a Capital Time. After a year of “Capital”, closed, but different projects we were doing for long. In the summer of 2017 Timur with the words “this is destiny” have asked me to edit a news feed for H#T.

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