Platform Telegram is ready for 70%. In the fall it will start in test mode


Representatives blockchain platform TON told investors at what stage of development the project is

In September, the company Pavel Durov Telegram sent investors a letter in which told about the stage of development of the Telegram Open platform Network (TON), write “Vedomosti”. According to representatives of the project, it is ready for 70%, and until the end of autumn it will start in test mode.

At the moment the main component of TON — Virtual Machine necessary for the operation of smart contracts, developed by 95%. Tools to ready them for 50%, while the protocols to create a network that will transmit requests for transactions and new blocks — only 10%. Also, the Telegram told the representatives that are working on the creation of mechanisms for the production of new blocks and their validation.

First information about the launch of the project Telegram Open Network appeared in the end of 2017. The company raised more than $1.7 billion during the closed round of the ICO, in which participated 200 investors. According to developers, the platform will be capable of carrying out millions of transactions per second.

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