Police in Oklahoma have arrested suspects in the theft of 1 billion tokens Machine Crowd


Police in Oklahoma have arrested suspects in the theft of 1 billion tokens Machine Crowd

In Oklahoma city arrested two residents of the state of Missouri, the suspects in the burglary and theft of 1 billion tokens project Crowd Machine. The investigation has evidence that sheds light on the technical details of hacking.

Fletcher Childers (left) and Joseph Harris, was detained hot on the trail directly at the hotel in Oklahoma city, where, presumably, they carried out the hacking wallet startup.

As reported Hash#Telegraph, the criminals managed to access the wallet project, which was 1.5 billion tokens from 2 billion total. Another 0.5 billion tokens SMST traded on the market.

The investigators believe that the suspects were able to steal from her purse Crowd Machine 1 billion tokens using the SIM swap. The victim, whose name was not disclosed, after breaking even received messages mocking nature of criminals.

It is used by cybercriminals hacking the model allowed fast enough to get on their trail. Hot on the heels of the investigation revealed that the account of the mobile subscriber belonging to the victim, was assigned to a different phone, recorded near one of the hotels in Oklahoma city.

Agents of the U.S. Secret service found that the phone that was assigned to this account, was previously purchased in one of the WalMart stores nearby. Data surveillance has allowed to establish that the phone I bought two white men on September 18.

The identity of one of them – Childers – was established due to the fact that the attackers arrived at the shop a car registered in his name and later found in the Parking lot of the hotel where Harris was booked on 17-25 September. In this room, who suspects not left for two days, they were detained. They were charged with theft in especially large size, identity theft and computer hacking.

As of Friday night Childers was no longer in custody, but contained in the Harris County jail in Oklahoma without right of bail to the court. This provides a rough understanding of the distribution of roles in the criminal Duo.

Before it became known about hacking, tokens, Crowd Machine, according to Coinmarketcap, was trading at $0,013, which allows us to estimate the value of the stolen tokens in $13 million.

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