Pompliano: in 2018 bitcoin could fall to $3000


Founder and partner at Morgan Creek Digital Assets Pompliano Anthony (Anthony Pompliano) believes that this year the price of bitcoin could fall to $3000. The founder of hedge Fund Morgan Creek Capital Management mark Yusko (Mark Yusko), based on a model in which the cycles of the parabolic rise and fall follow one another, a month ago stated that, in his opinion, bitcoin will rise to $500 thousand per unit for 6 years.

Pompliano clarifies that periods of parabolic growth between points at which was made the maximum rate, becomes longer: if the first such period in 2010-2011 took 300 days, and the second in 2011-2013 900 days, the latter in 2013-2017 1500 days. Accordingly, in his opinion, the new maximum is unlikely to be recorded over 2000 days since the last peak – that is, until mid-2023.

At the same time, Pompliano believes that taking into account the previous periods of bearish sentiment in the market – 160 days in 2011 and 400 days in 2013-2014 – the current will last 650 days. That is, the consequences of adverse movements are offset until the 3rd quarter 2019.

We will remind that earlier the managing partner of Fundstrat Global Advisors Tom Lee (Tom Lee) lowered its forecast for bitcoin prices from $25 to $22 thousand by the end of 2018. And a venture investor-billionaire Tim Draper (Tim Draper) is confident that by 2022 the price of bitcoin will go up to $250 thousand .

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