Pool BTC.com added mining ETH and ETC


Mining pool BTC.com owned Chinese mining giant Bitmain has announced that as part of the expansion of services adds the possibility of mining cryptocurrency Ethereum and Ethereum Classic.

According to recent statements BTC.com and their share accounted for 21% of all bitcoins mined last year.

According to a press release, the possibility of mining the ETH and ETC will be added to the portal pool.btc.com. There you can find the Ethereum blockchain Explorer and API. Also, there is the ability to switch your power with ETH on ETC and Vice versa, depending on which cryptocurrency will seem miner to the most profitable at the moment.

Thus, as reported in BTC.com this step is intended to “help Ethereum scale of its mining infrastructure.”

Director pool-Jung Chuang (Zhuang Zhong) reported that the involvement of miners will occur through the distribution of awards according to the “full payment” by which the miners receive a reward for what they provide their computing power in favor of the pool.

In addition, the press release notes that although this year the company Bitmain has released its own ASIC-miner algorithm ethash, the new pool is to maintain the possibility of mining with GPU and CPU.

According to Juana, the decision to include the GPU and CPU in the list of available mining devices was due to the decrease in the cryptocurrency market, which has been observed since the beginning of this year. “Despite the decline in the value of some cryptocurrency GPU mining remains profitable and it will be tough to replace,” said he. “This year the company released Bitmain ASIC-miners-oriented algorithm ethash. The miners have been developed mainly for mining cryptocurrency Ethereum and Ethereum Classic”.

In the future BTC.com plans to launch support for other “popular coin”. It is expected that the following will be running pools for Litecoin, and zcash for Monero (of course, also has Bitmain ASIC-miners for these cryptocurrencies), but no specific allegations Chuang did not do:

“Before the company will decide on some of the coins, it is necessary to do a great job. Namely, to evaluate the network of cryptocurrency, the quality of its code, roadmap and trading volumes”, — he said.

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