Pool BTC.com proceeds to mining of ether and Ethereum Classic


Team mining-pool BTC.com whose work is financed by the company Bitmain launches the production of ether and Ethereum Classic. This was reported by CoinDesk, noting that the new feature pool will be published on its industry website pool.btc.com.

In the press center also reported that on this portal you can get acquainted with the latest information about the possibilities of blockchain Ethereum network. The industry portal will be equipped with the option of switching capacity, allowing miners to concentrate on mining the most promising digital activists.

Thus, the command BTC.com plans to help the Ethereum network to increase the scalability and improve the operation of the entire digital infrastructure. The head of the pool-Jung Chuang announced that the miners will get a reward for what they allocate their compute power in favor of the team BTC.com.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that mining pools associated with Bitmain, control more than 43% of production of bitcoin. Team BTC.com does not exclude that it can launch production of other popular coins, such as litecoin, Monero and zcash for.

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