Pornhub belonging to the service will pay the users of cryptocurrency


Service Tube8, owned by the largest Internet portal, adult content Pornhub, will pay bitcoin for watching movies and the activity on the platform.

As a reward users will get tokens Token Industry project Vice — VIT. The two companies have already signed partnership and bbott on creating the necessary infrastructure. The representative Tube8 has high hopes for this collaboration as it will allow you to change the paradigm of user interaction with the portal the content.

“Now, however, the appearance of VIT marks a paradigm shift in the consumption of products of the adult entertainment industry. If the user came to the service, watched some videos and went, now VIT will motivate them to create an account and interact with the content to generate a token Vice”.

Platform VIT at the moment, built on the basis of Ethereum, however, CEO Stuart Duncan noted that they plan to move to Graphene. It is superior to Ethereum in terms of scalability and has already proven itself in projects such as Steem, BitShares.

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