Potential wallet Silk Road were transferred more than 100 thousand BTC


As noted yesterday, a Reddit user, someone translated 111 118 bitcoins from one wallet to more than 80 addresses.

Initially it was assumed that the wallet can be associated with “Dread Pirate Roberts” (DPR) the legendary dark web Silk Road. It is considered that the jailed US citizen, Ross Ulbricht, is this Dread Pirate Roberts, but no evidence of this.

The bitcoin address from which you moved the coins, is a very old, well-known address in cryptosuite, save funds since 2011. The Bitcointalk forum in 2013 claims that the wallet is associated with DPR, however, as Ulbricht was arrested, this suggests that someone else has access to it.

In this regard, there are many other theories. One of them claims that the purse belongs to Dr. Craig Wright.

Another theory connects the wallet from the now defunct cryptocurrency exchange Mt Gox. It is likely that the transfer of funds will be directed to return the funds to the victims of the bankruptcy of the users.

Given that the activities of the Silk Road was closely associated with Mt Gox, both theories may be true.

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