Power Ledger issued a token for trading with renewable energy


In may of the Power Ledger, the Australian startup that enables consumers to sell renewable energy to each other via a blockchain-based platforms, began its expansion to the US market. Now the company is expanding its range of services to enable the customers to share profits from the use of renewable energy sources with cryptotoken, backed by energy assets of Power Ledger.

Token Asset Germination Event (AGE), as the company claims, has the potential to transform the traditional centralized energy market and bring the industry to a new level through the token incentive of people to invest in green energy.

“We have developed a model that combines the best world practices in the field of energy and blockchain and allows people to actively help the environment and support renewable energy worldwide,” said co-founder of the Power Ledger Gemma green.

According to representatives of the company, if customers will have the opportunity to invest and co-own a commercial renewable energy sources, humanity will be able to build a decentralized and democratized energy ecosystem.

Power Ledger also supports the work and other energy trading platforms on the blockchain, including xGrid. (p2p-trade of electricity) and μGrid (microgrid management and metering).

We will remind, recently the utilities Commission of Nevada, supervising operators, energy utilities, announced a possible integration of blockchain technology in the metering system of electricity.

Previously, we reported that in Uganda was established cryptocurrency startup for the development of clean infrastructure based on blockchain to receive and consume renewable solar energy.

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