President Oberland plans to transfer the administration of the state Autonomous decentralized system


President Oberland, the self-proclaimed microvascularity in the town of Gorna Prefecture, between Croatia and Serbia, plans to use a new cryptocurrency Merit to support the vision of the country.

President Oberland Vit Jedlička took a few confident steps to implement the vision of Micronesia with a cryptocurrency exchange.

The free Republic of Oberland is located on the border between Croatia and Serbia, and according to the website of the state is the 3rd smallest sovereign state with a territory of just 7 square kilometers. So far, the state is not recognized by any other state, but, according to the President, the site has already registered 205 000 future citizens.

From 2009 to the year 2016 Jedlička was a regional leader of a small party in the Czech Republic. However, tired of attempts “to correct the too large and too regulated state,” he proceeded to establish a free Republic. In an interview Bitnovosti Vit Edlichka noted that Libelling is a model of a new type of state, without mandatory taxes, with decentralized control and a lot of freedoms:

“The idea of Oberland materialized in different forms around the world”

On-site Oberland operates its own cryptocurrency Merit, the rate of which is equal to one dollar, but unlike the dollar, this cryptocurrency is not regulated. Also originally in the territory of the ministates used bitcoin as the reserve currency. Over time, however, the President has developed more ambitious plans to use cryptocurrency to the needs of the ministates.

In the future Edlichka plans to hand control of the country decentralized Autonomous organizations (DAO), where “decisions will be made automatically by a computer code or by a vote”. Also DAO is to control the distribution of a new cryptocurrency Merit for citizens.

The idea was to tie the vote weight to the number of tokens owned by the citizen, which, in the opinion of the President, will contribute to the motivation of citizens “to share in the country where they live” if they want to pay optional taxes. He is convinced that people, “who in fact did the existence of the state possible and have invested in its creation” must have a greater impact.

The pilot project started at the end of November. It is also planned to use is based on the Ethereum network Merit as collateral in the justice system in the state.

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