Processing service BitPay added the possibility of payment in USD Gemini Coin and Dollar


The processing of the cryptocurrency service BitPay announced support for the USD Dollar Coin and Gemini, suggesting merchants to make payments in these stalking.

Until today, BitPay only supports bitcoin and Bitcoin to Cash.

“BitPay aims to make payments for organizations around the world faster, safer, and cheaper with bitcoin. Add USDC and GUSD provides users with BitPay alternative in the form of stable coins”, said co-founder and CEO of BitPay Stephen Pair.

According to the company, the new option offers volatility settlement method without the need to rely on traditional banks.

At the moment, according to BitPay, the company may make payments in 190 countries, showing prices 150 national currencies.

BitPay started to support the USD Gemini Coin and Dollar after earlier today, the price of the most famous stablon Tether USDT fell more than 6% against the U.S. dollar, triggering a sharp rise of bitcoin on Bitfinex and other exchanges.

A few earlier trades Coin USD Dollar and Gemini, as well as two other stablename announced exchange OKEx.

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