Protection against “Attacks 51%” once again the center of attention


Since Ghash tries to maintain its share at 30% -40%. However, in June it was already a few short moments in which peak power Ghash exceeded half the computing power of the network. This caused another surge of alarm in the community. The situation in which a commercial company is forced to voluntarily restrict your own growth is completely unnatural and very shaky.

Recently Ghash reiterated that he is not going under any circumstances to use its dominant position, or, especially, to attack 51%. While that is no reason not to believe he does not, however, the situation in which bitcoin looks pretty ticklish. The stability of the payment system the past few months, held literally on parole one company. Although by itself, the attack 51% is not fatal to the cryptocurrency, and is only able to temporarily disrupt the operation of the system, the psychological effects of only one suspected the possibility of its carrying out can lead to sharp jumps of the course. Apparently realizing this, offers at the conference CoinSummit, which will be held 10-11 July in London, to collect a round table with participation of leading miners and representatives of the Bitcoin Foundation to figure out how to avoid the concentration of mining capacity in the same hands.

The problem of the concentration of mining in the hands of large players is exacerbated by the final transition network for a specialized hardware for mining. In the last six months the computing power of the network has increased tenfold. Large pools not only unite the small parties, but they also make farm ASIC. Ghash at about half capacity provides their own iron. The era of true decentralized cryptocurrency coming to an end. Mining is becoming a serious business, which comes relatively large capital. In the foreseeable future the lion’s share of the capacity of the network will be in the hands of a few dozen of the largest miners, pools, and chip manufacturers for mining. Perhaps that in the hands of one market player is not focused alarmingly large percentage of capacity, will follow a “Antimonopoly Committee” at the Bitcoin Foundation.

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