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Bitria “news” Trick BTC.com integrated Protocol BIP-70

Cryptocurrency wallet BTC.com announced the integration of the payment Protocol BIP 70, which provides an optimized Protocol for secure end-to-end communication between clients and sellers anywhere in the world, according to the company blog.

Product update: the //t.co/38N9uRCg2L wallet now supports BIP-70 for #Bitcoin and #BitcoinCash payments. Who is ready to order pizza? 🍕//t.co/Hm7A8WxC7u

— BTC.com (@btccom_official) September 26, 2018

Add Protocol BIP 70 will allow the transaction to a readable billing address and not the standard bitcoin addresses. Will also be added confirmation of transactions and auto-generated return addresses.

The adoption of the Protocol service BitPay happened in 2018 to use it as a template for the billing and for the use of the service, the customer must have a compatible wallet compatible.

Add Protocol BIP 70 will expand the possibility to pay with cryptocurrencies worldwide, as the number of users of the service BitPay is growing every day.

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