Purse John McAfee Bitfi managed to crack


Hackers managed to crack the “uncrackable” purse John McAfee Bitfi and withdraw all funds.

In his Twitter, the hacker attached a screenshot with the code and stated that now expect to receive from McAfee promised $250000.

Well, that’s a transaction made with a MitMed Bitfi, with the phrase and seed being sent to a remote machine.

That sounds a lot like Bounty 2 to me. pic.twitter.com/qBOVQ1z6P2

— Ask Cybergibbons! (@cybergibbons) August 13, 2018

Hackers 2 weeks ago got root access on the device, but it was not allowed to withdraw funds. Then they began to monitor the activities of the purse and saw that the device still maintains a connection with servers of the company.

“This allowed us to output different funny message on the screen of the purse. Of course, it is not important. We were able to demonstrate that the device is connected to the servers up and running, despite the serious modifications”.

After that, the hackers were able to hand over the keys and the passphrase from the wallet to a remote server using Netcat.

McAfee himself has not yet commented on the situation.

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