Puzzle, monuments and artists. As the blockchain is used in the art


The first associations that come to mind at the mention of fancy words blockchain: IT-technology, decentralization and cryptocurrencies. However, this technology can be used in unexpected areas

The total volume of sales on the art market in 2017 amounted to $56.6 billion, of which online sales account for about $5 billion, according to the report of The Art Market. Of the 500 analyzed transactions for the cryptocurrency, about 95% occurred in bitcoin, the rest 5% for other cryptocurrencies, mostly Ethereum, according to Art Collecting.

One of the main problems in the art, which can be solved using the blockchain for confirmation of the authenticity of the art object. The concept of the distributed registry enables you to fully digitize the process of provenance tracking the history of the works from the time of writing before the transmission the last owner.

Deloitte Luxembourg, a U.S. startup Verisart, platform ArteQuest and other companies have already developed solutions for the online certification of patterns and their storage in a decentralized registry. The product is assigned a unique digital identifier that is easily verified in real-time.

Art decentralization

Project Scarab is a true example of decentralization in the art. The idea is to distribute the process of painting, the final version of the object of fine art is made by neural networks of the works of thousands of artists. What work to include in the aggregated figure is determined by the community by voting for their films.

At the moment, written the first collective pattern and yet it looks so. The process can follow this link.

The sale of the paintings via smart contracts help to ensure the transparency of transactions for taxation, and the artists receive the full amount of the award. In addition to decentralized writing patterns may also decentralized ownership, investors can now purchase a share in a picture with the smart contracts.


In the Wake of high attention to bitcoin and blockchain-technologies appear artists, linking their work to the cryptocurrency. One of the most popular cryptosuite artists is NAS Berks. It translates in his art, the development of the technology of distributed registries. Almost all her works are made from recycled material: from wood to residues of aerosol and old parts from the “hardware” of computers. NASU has exhibited his paintings at the conference Futurama Blockchain Innovators of September 11 in Spain. Paintings for sale will be in auction format, 60% of the funds will be allocated to charity and environmental protection.

Blockchain puzzle

Also another part of the so-called “blockchain culture” are jigsaw puzzles. Usually, the picture is cryptographically encrypted private key from a wallet, which contains a reward to unravel. In February, was cracked by the most famous series of similar puzzles, which krypterade also called a “Legend Satoshi Nakamoto”. 30-year-old programmer has got in his possession 4.87 BTC for its decision, which at the time was approximately $50,000.

If you wanted to try your hand at solving cryptographic tasks, do not worry. This is the third month Reddit users struggling to resolve another puzzle. The author promised to give hints if the task is too difficult to decrypt. He also said that 1 BTC is not the only prize that is hidden in the image but suggested to focus on the task at hand. To join the discussion of the solution here.

Bitcoin monument

Due to the introduction of the ban on the cryptocurrency events and constant variances the SEC application for a bitcoin ETF, many countries are eager to show their loyalty to digital money. So, with the filing of the local municipality in the Slovenian town of Kranj and the support there based exchange Bitstamp company and mobile application developer 3fs, was a monument to bitcoin right at the roundabout near the centre of the city.

Everything else held even blockchain-the-art hackathons, are “amazing” projects of decentralized museums, galleries. And the Scottish cryptomnesia through their AR app has transformed the portraits of historical figures of Scotland in the National portrait gallery, iconic cryptinputstream.

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