PwC is launching a training program for their employees the technology of the blockchain


Consulting firm PwC launches for its staff a new program called “digital skills”, aimed at improving the skills of their employees in the field of new technologies such as the blockchain.

The firm will include 1,000 of its employees to two-year training program that will encompass different technologies, from blockchain and 3D printing to drones, said
Digiday on Thursday.

The program Digital Accelerators will start in January. Head of programme Sarah’s Makanani (Sarah McEneaney) told the publication that the move is part of a broader effort aimed at improving the level of education of employees.

“My job is to increase the skills of the employees… At the moment it seems that people should be more technological skills. We need to remain competitive and respond to what interests our customers.”

Makanani States that training should increase employee productivity by reducing the number of hours spent solving problems. This saving will play into the hands of PwC’s client. She noted that about 3,500 of the more than 46,000 employees working in PwC, have applied for participation in the program.

During the program 1000 selected employees will work with clients for about 10 hours a week. In the first part of the training program will include data and Analytics, which will include collecting information and studying the blockchain.

Not only private companies seek to raise the level of education of employees in the field of blockchain. In the middle of the month, the Chinese authorities released
manual blockchain for civil servants. First the book explains the origin and features of the blockchain, and then current and future uses of technology, and the challenges that technology brings to the business environment and legal regulation.

Universities do not fall behind and strive to meet growing among students, the demand for courses on the blockchain and cryptocurrency. According to a recent survey
Coinbase, 21 of the top 50 U.S. universities now offer the same courses. However, such objects are interesting not only for the students of technical specialties, but also a humanitarian.

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