Quoine has launched a platform Liquid that provides access to different exchanges


Quoine has launched a platform Liquid that provides access to different exchanges

FINTECH-startup Quoine, which became the first Japanese operator of a licensed stock exchange Quoinex, has launched a new development. Liquid trading platform gives clients access to a variety of cryptomeria and will provide an opportunity to combine the currency pair from all available options, including transactions involving multiple couples.

For example, the company promises to combine in a single transaction orders for such pairs like BTC/SGD, ETH/SGD and BTC/ETH. Management believes that the Liquid, such a solution will effectively deal with the shortage of liquidity, which now suffers the stock market, suggests that the name of the company.

Acting Autonomous and independently of each different crypto currency exchange not communicate with each other directly, and this creates distortions in the market of cryptocurrencies, not to mention the opportunities for various fraud rates and trading volumes in the individual currencies.

“The stock market needs stability. This year’s 30-day volatility index BTC/USD almost all the time is more than 3% in the beginning of the year its value was above 8%. Liquid offers way to a less volatile future,” said CEO and co-founder Cuoine Mike Kayamori.

At the first stage the Liquid had gathered under the roof of the crypto currency exchange Quoinex and cryptogenic Qryptos, also owned by the company. The withdrawal and recharge is available in five Fiat currencies: yen, US dollar, Singaporean and Australian dollars, and euros.

The platform is equipped with an improved engine selection of currency pairs, provides the ability to implement margin trading and to place iceberg orders and to lend to other users in the cryptocurrency. In addition, the ICO 2.0 option Market allows investors to participant in ICO.

Further development of the platform has been added to the order book pairs traded on other cryptomeria.

The new platform uses a token QASH, occupying 74 place in the ranking of the largest capitalization of cryptocurrencies ($75.4 million), according to Coinmarketcap.

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