RAKIB proposes to give the miners a self-employed status with the tax rate 3-5%


A member of the Russian Association of cryptocurrency and blockchain (RAKIB) the company “Cryptographers” sent a letter to regulators, asking to consider the legalization of private mining.

In a letter to first Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation Anton Siluanov, the authors propose to give private miners status self-employed with a tax rate of 3-5% and to create a “legal scheme of converting cryptocurrencies in rubles,” that the miners could get out of the shadow economy.

President RAKIB, Yuri Pripachkin, has said that the initiative has been discussed with various departments within meetings of the working group of the Committee on financial risks:

“We believe that the way cryptoeconomy from the shadows —an integral stage of its development. Must take this activity to a professional in order to attract investment in it”

The company estimates “, Cryptographers”, now in Russia more than 350 000 private miners and tax losses amount to more than 2 billion rubles annually, and the proposed measures would simplify control over their activities and increase tax payments to the budget.

Co-founder and managing partner of the platform Tokenbox Mr Serkis agree with the need to allow private miners to emerge from the shadows, but notes that a big problem is the industrial, mining, and legislative measures should be taken in conjunction with the definition of the legal status of the cryptocurrency.

Member of the expert Council on digital economy and blockchain technologies at the state Duma, the founder of the ANO “Law of robots” Nikita Kulikov criticized the initiative, calling the proposal a populist measure and accusing the initiators that they “do not understand the legal nuances and procedures of regulation of such questions.” Kulikov also noted that the miners can pay 13% c income received now and “sleep”.

We will remind that in Russia at present the legal status of cryptocurrencies, ICO, mining and crowdfunding is not defined, and the state Duma plans to adopt legislation in September.

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