Rare blockchain-cards frog Pepe has generated more value than most ICO


Rare blockchain-cards frog Pepe has generated more value than most ICO

For 2017, a host of blockchain projects, and the popularity of the primary sentences tokens (ICO) and generally exceeded all expectations. Sure, you can say only one thing: most of these tokens ERC-20 and some purposeful attempt to create something with the distributed database has generated relatively little value if they do not take into account the profit and loss in speculative markets.

But still there is one blockchain-a project created a year ago, that could create a viable ecosystem on the basis of a popular Internet meme ― the frog Pepe.

Maintaining the rarity of the frog Pepe

Rare Pepe (translated from English. “A rare Pepe”) ― the blockchain structure of trading cards brought to the cryptocurrency environment is the most badass frogs. These cards are items created using the blockchain Counterparty. All this is reminiscent of the popular card game Spells of Genesis.

The assets of the Counterparty are stored on the Bitcoin blockchain within a normal bitcoin transaction. These tokens (or assets) are different from the technology used in Colored Coins, since they are not linked to a specific address or account system. People can send BTC without affecting the underlying assets like Rare Pepe.

In addition to the technology, “frogs” can be traded on a decentralized exchange Counterparty from DEx. With it, users can buy and exchange extremely rare Pepe on XCP-equivalents. For collecting used cards purse Wallet Rare Pepe, which supports XCP, BTC, Pepecash and gift cards.

Due to the exceptional popularity of this frog around the project Rare Pepe has formed a strong community, Foundation, purse and catalog. Since launch the community has grown significantly; this year, some of the cards exchanged for thousands of dollars. For 2017 is the primary community has generated far more value than most of the ICO.

“For years people tried to save the rarest memes with Pepe from theft. Thanks to Bitcoin and Counterparty, we can link these Rare Pepes with tokens, making them truly rare”, is explained on the page with a catalog collector’s blockchain-cards.

The growth of the blockchain economy Rare Pepe in 2017

Cards with a frog actively traded on the market, along with native-token community ― Pepe Cash. In 2016 the cost of one Pepe Cash was less than $0,000087 for a token, but today it is listed at $0,02. If you speaking solely about the cards, some of them sold for thousands of dollars. For example, a very rare card of “the Lord of the KEK” (only 10 copies) was sold for 1600 XCP that the current price is $22.720. The first series of cards “Satoshi Nakamoto” (300 pieces) cost $200.

Catalogue of Rare Pepe shows that the card assets have a total of 30 episodes, approximately 20 cards in the set. Reference the blockchain assets RP now includes such cards as Marty Pepfly, Pepe Punchout, Games of Trump, Pepe Soup, the Dark Pepe, Pepe Playboy and many others. If you want to scroll through the entire catalogue blockchain cards, keep in mind that it may take hours or even days.

Community Rare Pepe is not lost ― it is immutable

Today, a group of community Telegram has more than 1,500 active members who exchange and discuss your favorite cards with Pepe. Moreover, Rare Pepe Foundation announced the implementation of a 29-day event Rare Pepe Training Conference, where visitors will get a really rare certificates.

Green frogs, distributed databases

In addition, the organization argues that the blockchain technology is actively studied Rare Pepe financiers, tech giants and venture capitalists. Just a few hours of research will prove to everyone that this technology is decentralized databases can change our society for the better.

So if you’re sick of the blockchain projects claiming support in the form of real estate and diamonds blockchain Pepe can be interesting for you. ICO, which collect millions of dollars in the air and nothing worthwhile with them then don’t, will come and go, but these clear collectible card pass through time.


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