Renault unveiled the luxurious EZ-ULTIMO


Renault unveiled the luxurious EZ-ULTIMO

The company Renault has presented a new conceptual model stylish unmanned electric car EZ-ULTIMO, designed for travel the premium.

The French manufacturer has designed this model exclusively as a luxury car on hire, belonging to the special service, five-star hotels, airlines or businesses. On its surface there is attenuation, and the interior in the style of “neo-retro” leather, marble and wood, reminiscent of the interior of an old Parisian apartment.

In the new model emphasis is placed on confidentiality, so clear glass was replaced by a unilateral mirror and external technical facet. From afar the car looks black, but up close appear shiny shades of green, changing with movement. Its length is 5.8 m, but the designers say that it is quite agile. When driving at high speeds for improved aerodynamics are activated by two small lateral wings behind the rear fairing.

In EZ-ULTIMO will be embedded unmanned system control of the fourth level, and the battery will recover with a wireless charging system. In the corners of the car are cameras, sensors and radars. Passengers will be able to access the Internet through the antenna support 5G. It is planned that it will be important to offer customers as a luxurious way to travel in a Michelin-starred restaurant or from the airport to the hotel.

No less futuristic self-driving car model is introduced, Volvo decided to provide the most comfortable conditions for travelers, adding a modular interior with a sleeping place.

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