Researchers Satis Group: bitcoin will rise to $96 000 in the next 5 years


Analytical company Satis Group believes that the price of bitcoin may rise to $96 000 over the next five years.

Satis Group published its final report in the framework of his analysis of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. In the report published the results of a study of how the cryptocurrency market is assessed and whether this assessment of the actual assets underlying the prices tokens. The report, developed by researchers Doulton by Sherwin (Sherwin Dowlat) and Michael Holappa (Michael Hodapp), also gives a forecast on how the market might look like in the next few years.

It is noteworthy that the authors of the report tried to predict how prices of various cryptocurrencies may look over the next five years, based on the value of the underlying assets and not speculation. The report States that such coins like bitcoin, Monero and Decred should rise in price, as they are a “cryptocurrency assets, which have a unique value proposition for deep and viral markets.”

On the other hand, researchers believe that such coins as Bitcoin Cash, and other “cryptocurrency assets that attempt to derive brand awareness and provide minimal technological advantage for operators,” will lose in price. Such coins like XRP received the most unfavorable forecasts and Satis Group said that the price of the token will fall to $0.01. The report says:

“Inside the foreign exchange networks, we continue to see growth potential in networks that have developed in a relatively organic growth of transaction volume and community (e.g., LTC). This is what is lacking networks, inherited brand recognition and received short-term focus of the community during the pre-forked instances (e.g., BCH). In particular danger are the networks that are advertised misleading claims and do not even require the use of the token in their own network (for example, XRP)”.

The paper looks at the “network platform” such as Ethereum. The report predicts that over the next 10 years on the Ethereum will create a much smaller percentage of projects compared with the current performance. In the previous report Satis was noted that Ethereum has about 86% market share for projects built on top of existing platforms.

Analysts say that “in the current situation, we continue to believe that ETH is undervalued relative to the market share of the cryptocurrency assets to which it is directed”, referring to the liquidity and reputation of cryptocurrency that support network.

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