Review of the service PACcoin


Review of the service PACcoin

Part of the cryptocurrency does not bear practical use. Services that support paying with bitcoin is still small. To create cryptocurrency infrastructure is important to the introduction of coins into a real business and develop user-friendly software for users. This material provides an overview Paccoin service that has already developed tools to pay for various services cryptocurrency PACcoin.

Cryptocurrency PAC

Coin was established in 2013 and is positioned as the cryptocurrency for Africa and the Caribbean, but the project was not successful. In 2017, was carried out the transition from SHA-256 to X11, adding masternode and changing marketing trends. Pak koin became a service convenient cryptocurrency payments.

Buy the coin on exchanges YoBit, Cryptopia, TradeSatoshi and other services. To send the purchased bitcoin to the heavy official wallet only after he will be unlocked.

Purse PACcoin

The developers tried to make users on all popular platforms and operating systems. Created by the wallets for Windows, Linux, MAC, supported Electrum. Mobile wallet PACcoin is available for both Android and iOS. You can download it on the official website under “Wallets”. It is important to note that the developers have added an open source project on github.

Installation on Windows takes 1 minute, and sync with bloccano lasts at least one hour.

After a successful sync you should encrypt the wallet. To do this, click “Settings” – “Encrypt wallet” and enter the password.

The program will give a message that will be closed. Then you must unlock the wallet PACcoin, which open the PAC core program, again waiting for synchronization, and click “Settings” – “Unlock wallet”, enter the password.

In the lower right corner of the program window will appear tick, as well as information on the connection level with masternode. To know the address of your wallet, click “File” – “Address of receipt”. Don’t forget to make a backup copy of the data.

Masternode PACcoin

The coin is available in terms of starting masternode: course PACcoin is stable at $0.002, and run it, only 500 000 coins. At the time of writing the cost of running masternode PAC – $1000. If you translate the course PACcoin the ruble, will be around 66 000.

To calculate ROI PACcoin masternode using the formula: ROI = (NT)*R*B*A*365500000 where

N is the total number of mastered;

T – number of active mastered;

R – the size of the current compensation block;

B – the average reward for a single day;

A – average compensation for masternode.

Where to get all these variables to determine the profitability of “mining PACcoin”? For this purpose the monitoring mastered PACcoin on the website Detailed instructions for setting up masternode PACcoin is here.

Taking cryptocurrency PACcoin

The site States that the retail pack Konami will support six services:

  • The Italian Coffee Club is a place where you can buy a high quality coffee.
  • ZcloudHosting website to buy hosting.
  • Buster’s Marine Service website for the purchase of boats and equipment for them.
  • Remcoatings company engaged in the organization of the exterior and interior.
  • HydroFlowHome – store devices to purify the flow of water in homes and pools.
  • Cryptostyle – Internet-shop clothes and Souvenirs with the cryptocurrency topic.

For convenience, the partners developed the WooCommerce plugin for WordPress. It is designed for those who want to introduce pay cryptocurrency on your website. Visitors to the site this app allows you to buy any product with PacPay. Plugin exchange any Fiat currency for $PAC. Will create an address to Deposit funds to cover the total purchase, then the customer can make one or several deposits. The site owner himself can determine the number of confirmations that he wants to before making the transaction. Once the transaction is accepted, you will receive an e-mail. It looks like this:

  • The buyer visits the site (for example Cryptostyle).

  • Select a product just like any other online store.
  • Comes in a basket.
  • Selects the payment method “Pay with $PAC”.

To become a partner PACcoin, you must complete the application where you want to specify the address of the website, name and logo of the company, e-mail to answer, and a brief description of your business. To complete the review PACcoin will check the most important part of the White Paper.

Road map PACcoin

Learn about all of the news PACcoin on the official blog of the project. In the coming months, the marketing Department scheduled performances at crypto-conferences in Puerto Rico, Las Vegas and Arizona. As shown by the roadmap, in 2018, completed most of the updates: a listing on Yobit, Cryptopia, launch Electrum wallet. In addition to the main project needs to evolve and branch:

  • Paclyfe social media platform.
  • Coinlyfe communication vehicle for content that is managed by the user.
  • Coinfyle platform for the transmission and storage of crypto-currencies with the use of plastic cards.
  • is a platform where content providers are owners of their advertising platform.

The prospects of cryptocurrency will depend on the success of the services, which implement the cryptocurrency PACcoin to your business.

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