Ripple co-founder: Blockchain could seriously change the world


Chris Larsen, investor and co-founder of Ripple, recently spoke with Forbes about the Blockchain, globalization, and the Internet of money. He also spoke about compatibility and provided projections on the future of space.

He began by saying that the reason why Ripple “put all-in” on the blockchain technology is the solution to “fundamental problems”, which is now all worried. He decided:

“There can be no globalization, which is workable if you don’t have interoperability in three things: data, products and money. We only have two things: data and products. Without the money part of globalization just doesn’t work fully”.

He went on to say that Blockchain is a “end of the Internet values,” this is the end of globalization. He further stated that he believes that the world has a much better chance with the development of blockchain technology.

The cryptocurrency he said it was only “question of time”, because the digital currency will be inventing, especially if there is no influence of the government.

He drew Parallels with such at times, such as 1994, when it was the early days of the Internet data that we know today. Larsen also said that the development of the world means that there is commoditization the Internet. He went on to say:

“Suddenly, every entrepreneur, every Bank, every currency in the world gets unlimited coverage.”

The solution to the challenges of globalization

Money has always been the center of attention. He also said that we will see “major change in the functioning entire world.”

He said that the world has no “hope” if only he would not work together against globalization. Larsen said:

“I think it really will eliminate many of the problems that hinder the promises of globalization.”

We will remind, the multinational banking and financial services company Standard Chartered (SC) report that it is working on blockchain-project for Bank guarantees with the use of technology R3 Corda blockchain. This is stated in a press release on August 30.

Author: Olga Novikova, analyst Freedman Club Crypto News

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