Ripple has reached 122% of sales




Ripple Q3 2018 Markets Report shows 122% growth in sales

Ripple has published its report on the markets for the third quarter of 2018. The report explains how the Ripple grows as a company and how they view the cryptocurrency market resources at the moment.

As in the statement of income, Ripple explained their financial results.

In the third quarter of 2018 Ripple sold $ 163 million XRP Tokens. This is 122% higher than sales in the second quarter of 2018 , where they have sold XRP only 74 million Dollars. Despite sales growth, this $ 163M account for only 0.43 percent of the total XRP. The remaining volume is traded on third party exchanges.

From these sales of 65 million dollars was sold programmatically, and 98 million dollars were sold XRP II, LLC. XRP II, LLC is a subsidiary of the Ripple, which is a registered and licensed business in money services (MSB) and represents the majority of sales Ripple. Although this increase shows that more institutions may consider XRP as a currency for investment, the majority of purchases happening XRP on the open market.

With regard to their Treasury, and then Ripple XRP took 3B from escrow at the beginning of this quarter. At the end of the quarter, they returned 2.6 B, and the remaining 0.4 B were used “in various ways, to maintain ecosystem XRP”. In the Ripple report explains the purpose of the escrow account.

Market overview

The main part of the report on markets in XRP reflects their attitude towards the cryptocurrency market. The first thing to note is that volatility and trading volume of XRP reduced. This reflects what is happening in all the cryptocurrency market, which showed no activity.

Although volatility has been low, the volatility of XRP has increased by the end of the quarter. Perhaps it was in anticipation of the SWELL of the conference, which was attended by former United States President bill Clinton .

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