Ripple has reported a doubling in sales of tokens XRP


Ripple has reported a doubling in sales of tokens XRP

The company Ripple reported on the increase in sales of token XRP in the third quarter of 2018. In the press— center of the crypto project reported that the team was able to implement tokens for $163,33 million Thus, the startup has doubled the sales of the coins using a high interest in this asset from investors.

The report provided to the division of the company Ripple Labs is focused on serving institutional investors.

According to the latest information, the value of the coin Ripple is a little more than $0,4. The total market offer around 100 billion tokens. That is, the capitalization of all the coins should be about $40 billion, but actually in circulation now are tokens worth slightly more than $18.5 billion.

The report Ripple Labs says:

In the third quarter of 2018 3 billion XRP tokens were withdrawn in the form of deposits (monthly 1 billion). The remaining 400 million coins were used to maintain the ecosystem stability project.

During the third quarter the volume of trade XRP was leading cryptocurrency exchange registered in Malta. The Prime Minister Joseph Muscat supports more widespread adoption of digital currency and call it the future of money.

Malta included in the list of the most liberal relevant to the cryptocurrency industry in the States, so a blockchain startups and trading platforms are moving to the island to develop their business there, according to CCN.

Recall that the cryptocurrency Ripple this week became the leader growth of the top ten digital assets, rising almost 5%.

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