“Rising from the ashes” crypto Silk Road is active again


In the network appeared the message that in these days the owner of darkweb wallet Silk Road carried out the transfer of funds.

Operations have been applied podkachala mechanism by which the amounts were divided into subgroups of 100 tokens.

On Silk Road were mostly selling the banned substances, but there have been cases of human trafficking, documents, credit cards, weapons. Marketplace worked only through TOR.

The basic unit of payment on the platform was bitcoin, which reputation first cryptocurrency was not the best. In 2014, law enforcement agencies managed darkweb area.

“It seems that the owner of the giant #SilkRoad wallet for three days, actively moves the tools by dividing them into servings for 100 coins in podkoszulka. Initially the purse was 111 114,62 BTC/BCH that now is estimated at 844 million dollars (without taking into account other forks of bitcoin),” wrote one Reddit user.

According to early 2018, experts esteemed company on cyber security Recorded Future predicted that soon BTC may lose its leadership as the main currency of darkweb. The position will have to give Lidoine and Dash.

At Recorded Future studied more than 150 popular forums, the marketplace, and illegal services darkweb, whereby it was concluded that litecoin is the second most popular cryptocurrency in darknet.

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