Robert Kiyosaki: Bitcoin – the people’s money


Bitria “news” Robert Kiyosaki: Bitcoin – the people’s money

The author of the acclaimed book “Rich dad poor dad” Robert Kiyosaki is a big fan of cryptocurrencies and believes their “people’s money”.

In his opinion, today, there are 3 types of money: God, state and people’s money.

God’s money, he calls the gold and silver which will exist forever. Public money – the dollar and the Euro. And the folk cryptocurrency.

“The US dollar is a Scam. I think we are watching the end of the dollar. This is what I’m saying,” says Kiyosaki.

It compares the dollar with a toast, and crypto-currencies and precious metals with a toaster, which “pushed” Fiat currency.

Young people learn on the economic opportunities and freedom posed by virtual currencies, and they are much more willing to invest in them than the older generations are stuck in their way.

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