Robinhood is considering an IPO, Binance – no


Robinhood is considering an IPO, Binance – no

Both companies were preoccupied with finding financial Directors with experience in traditional market, but Binance their candidate already found, and Robinhood are still in the search.

The operator of the popular trading application and cryptogenic Robinhood is studying the possibility of raising funds through the IPO.

This was announced by the CEO at the Baiju Bhatt, adding that Robinhood concerned with the search for a Finance Director that can help in the implementation of this task.

“We are inclined to see Robinhood public company in the future. — he said, — I Think this is consistent with our mission. Not in the near future, but such a plan exists, and we keep it in mind.”

Bhatt also added that in the framework of this strategy and in addition to regular inspections us regulators — SEC and FINRA — the company regularly conducts internal audits in order to make sure that everything meets the standards and requirements.

But the biggest crypto currency exchange Binance ability to raise capital through IPO not interested at all. This was stated by its CEO, Chanpen Zhao. “We have no plans for IPO”, — he stressed.

This reaction Zhao was caused by the publication that the new chief financial officer Wei Zhou is a veteran of wall street, and that it has the output of two companies to IPO on the stock exchanges NYSE and Nasdaq.

This fact in itself says nothing, nor does it constitute confirmation of the existence of such plans Binance, said Zhao. “That doesn’t make his experience any less valuable to our industry, we need such specialists. We are looking for talents in the field of traditional Finance, the Internet, everywhere”, he added.

It is worth reminding that the interest of kryptomere to raise Finance using traditional tools still exists. Recently, one of the main competitors Binance, crypto currency exchange Huobi, more precisely, its founder and CEO, Li Ling, became the largest shareholder of a Hong Kong public company Pantronics Holdings.

The shares last traded on the Hong Kong stock exchange, which is regarded by experts as the intention Huobi access to the secondary financial market through a process known as reverse takeover.

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