Robots MIT weave fiberglass


Robots MIT weave fiberglass

Engineers at mit have created a unique robot that is capable of constructing designs of woven fiberglass and in the future will be able to replace the builders.

Bots like the silkworm will use the same thread that rotates around itself, forming irregular structures made of fiberglass. Every device is a little more than the usual liter bottles, covered with a silicone rotating top handle. For the construction segment, the handle of the robot body is winding fiberglass filament, coated with resin. Further, under the influence of ultraviolet light, the resin hardens and bonds the strands together. After each segment (9 cm), he pushes himself up and begins a new cycle.

Unlike other robots, the development of MIT generates its own construction material and not using a ready. The device can control the tilt of each new segment that allows you to build a curved tubular construction. Such helpers can be used in the construction of buildings, bridges, under water or in dangerous places, the desert or on other planets. The machine also can be combined with other types of robot designers to create more complex multiphase structures.

Existing models of computer-controlled, but future versions will be equipped with cameras, lasers and other sensors to coordinate and respond to obstacles. The developers commissioned the 16 robots that built a pipe with a height of about 4 meters. This bouquet is made of fiberglass has successfully passed the winter and fall in Massachusetts.

The company also Farms 80 Acres and decided to fully automate its operations and began construction of the first fully automated farm in Hamilton.

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