Robots patrol will begin to follow the rule of law in Japan


Robots patrol will begin to follow the rule of law in Japan

Tokyo, Institute of industrial technology introduced the robot patrol, which will monitor the observance of law and order in public places. The first samples will be placed at the train station, Seibu Shinjuku next month.

The robot is equipped with a video camera and a built in artificial intelligence. During the patrol he is able to identify suspicious persons, objects, or those who need medical care and to send messages to the smartphones of security officers. His attention will primarily involve items that are held for a long time unattended as well as potentially dangerous and drastic movement of people. For example, if a person is waving his arms like he wanted to fight.

The development was named Perseusbot, in honor of the legendary Greek mythology hero Perseus. During the movement of the robot patrol avoids obstacles and can move, guided by the Braille tiles. Its dimensions 167,5х61х90,5 see the First samples will be delivered to the railway station Seibu Shinjuku station in Tokyo until November 30 of the current year.

The city administration expects Perseusbot will not only help to improve security ahead of the Olympic games in 2020, but also reduce the burden on security personnel. In addition to the Tokyo research Institute, project development involved 3 private companies: Seibu Railway, Nihon Unisys and AI Earth Eyes.

Japanese tech giant Sony is also seeking to increase the level of security, but in the digital space. Recently, the company announced the creation of a multi-function contactless hardware wallet for crypto-currencies on the basis of technology smart IC card.

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