Roger Ver and Vitalik Buterin argue about copyright, and the Creator of Dogecoin saved Elon musk from bots-scammers


Roger Ver and Vitalik Buterin argue about copyright, and the Creator of Dogecoin saved Elon musk from bots-scammers

Opinion leaders of cryptosuites argue not only about cryptocurrencies but also on many other occasions, traditionally expressing polar points of view.

Ethereum Creator Vitalik Buterin features the original judgment not only when it comes to the future of the stock market. Today, for example, for some reason he decided to comment on the statement of one of the main promoters of Bitcoin Cash is Roger’s Belief about the copyright, also made on 4 September.

“Copyright is a legitimate contractual relations between the responsible parties,” wrote Ver. After almost two weeks Buterin responded with their thoughts about who can be considered participants in such relations.

“Of course, the one who uploads the content in violation of the rights of the rightholder within the torrent network, violates the terms of the contract. But those who download such content — not trespassers; they never entered into agreements with rights holders”, — he said.

The theory Baterina there were supporters who believe that information should not be subject to copyright. In turn, the conclusions of the Creator of Ethereum is not indifferent to the technical Director of Ripple’s David Schwartz.

“If we had no copyright law, it would replace a system of private contracts. You likely would have to demonstrate a separate contract each time you, for example, you go to the cinema or the bookstore. As for me, it would be much worse,” he said.

Such discrepancies in the views of industry leaders is particularly interesting, because the scope of copyright is traditionally considered one of the most promising applications of the blockchain.

Against this background, rather pale look even emotional suffering Elon musk, who recently found that the unknown creators of the bots are scams promise all the fabulous distribution of cryptocurrency on his behalf.

“If you helped get rid of those annoying Scam-spammers, it would be very cool,” wrote he, somehow, referring to the Creator of Dogecoin Jackson Palmer. He said that he had sent him the script, which is “just start”.

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