Roger Ver has lifted its investment portfolio and was invited to play hockey


Roger Ver has lifted its investment portfolio and was invited to play hockey

Chapter and promoter of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Roger Ver spoke on CNBC about his investment in cryptocurrency, and talked about bitcoin and Bitcoin to Cash.

Ver began with the assertion that in December of last year bitcoin cannot be used in Commerce. During price hike, the fee per transaction was about $20 because of network congestion, and small block sizes. Ver said that due to the growth of commissions transactions become “slow and unreliable”, so many abandoned commercial use of bitcoin. He continued:

People […] moved on to something else. Most of the “something else” looks like a Bitcoin Cash.

Speaking of the “beloved” cryptocurrency, Ver acknowledged that this year the price “less dynamic”. Bitcoin Cash is now more than 10 times cheaper than bitcoin (remember, we are talking about the fork) and is trading at $550 at the January high of $2800.

Speaking about the investment in Bitcoin Cash, Ver drew an analogy with the game of hockey:

In investing or in hockey you roll skating not where the puck is now, and where it will be in the future. It is obvious that the spread of cryptocurrencies in the commercial sector and various businesses resulting from a Bitcoin Cash, indicate that in the future Bitcoin Cash will be the best investment starting point.

He added that investors should diversify their portfolios, noting that no one recommends to invest all funds in one cryptocurrency. Ver have affected the composition of its investment portfolio, saying:

The most I have Bitcoin Cash, but there are a certain number of ETH zcash for, ZCoin, Monero, Dash, and bitcoins. Nice to have a little bit of everything. Of course, the kit should include Ripple and Stellar. The name of the game is diversification.

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