Roger Ver on Blockchain will make Life 2018


On November 7-8, at the largest forum of the Blockchain Life 2018 in St. Petersburg, with the exclusive presentation will be made by Roger Ver – founder and one of the most famous supporters of the cryptocurrency. Also, the event will be attended by the owners of the world the blockchain-companies and government representatives. It is expected that the forum will bring together not less than 5 000 participants.

Since 2011, Roger Ver invested over a million dollars in projects such as Ripple, Bitpay, and Kraken. His company Ver’s Memorydealers was the first of those who started to accept bitcoin as payment.

For his active promotion of bitcoin in the first formative years of this cryptocurrency – Ver received the nickname Bitcoin Jesus. Today he is best known as the Creator of the fork of Bitcoin – Bitcoin Cash.

The expert will talk about how cryptocurrency will change the world because he rightfully believes that they are the best form of financial resources that existed in the world ever, and despite the many obstacles in its path, can significantly improve the life of every person.

It should be noted that the final forum of the Blockchain Life 2018 in the territory of Russia will be broadcasted via Skype.

To buy last tickets for the biggest event in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency available on the official website.

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