Rostec announced the introduction of blockchain platforms Vostok in public administration


Rostec announced the introduction of blockchain platforms Vostok in public administration

State Corporation “rostec” together with blockchain project Vostok East economic forum signed the agreement, which planned the establishment of the project office for cooperation and implementation of projects of the program “the Digital economy of the Russian Federation”. The Edition “News. Economy” reports that both parties to the agreement will Finance the project office in the amount of $ 2 million.

In the course of cooperation the company plans to introduce the technology of the blockchain in the infrastructure of the digital economy and to develop solutions for smart cities.

The primary task is the implementation of a Vostok platform for collecting, storing and sharing data among state agencies, municipal agencies, and ordinary citizens.

“In addition we are planning to develop joint competencies for all cross-cutting technologies identified in the state program”, – stated in the message of “Rostec”.

“In the framework of the state program “the Digital economy of the Russian Federation” for the promotion of technological capacity will meet the state Corporation “rostec”. Our task is to find promising projects and distinct technological leaders, which are interacting with a new opportunity to develop digital systems”, – commented the head of state Corporation Sergey Chemezov. He also added that the platform Vostok in the future can be integrated into complex digital projects for corporate and government customers Rostec.

The parties also plan to create a technological base to implement the model of “the digital enterprise”. New technologies in the future will be involved in the data production cycle and relationships with counterparties. Platform Vostok will deal with the collection, processing and storage of statistical data “Rostec”.

“Vostok is built on the technological basis and technological groundwork of the fastest public blockchain Waves, which is able to handle up to thousands of translations in the second. Using our platform, the bandwidth of the current blockchain of open-systems can be increased tenfold,” said project founder Vostok Alexander Ivanov.

Russian state Corporation rostec was established in 2007 to promote the development, production and export of high-tech products, which is intended for civil and military use. The Corporation has about 700 organizations.

Vostok is a universal blockchain solution for scalable digital infrastructure. The main objective of the project is the establishment of frameworks for certification, registration and data tracking.

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