Russia will create cryptopore and release their members from taxes


Russia will create cryptopore and release their members from taxes

The Association of entrepreneurs for development of the business patriotism, “AVANTI” made an open appeal to the government, which said that in Russia you need to create cryptophony. Active work in this area could make Russia one of the leading players in the field of it innovation.

Earlier, representatives of the AVANTI have already sent an open letter to representatives of the Federal Assembly with a request to change the legal framework to allow RF operation only Russian virtual money.

CryptoAPI it is proposed to place in the Kaliningrad region and Primorye in special administrative regions. In these areas there is already offshore mode: there are tax incentives and benefits for foreign companies.

This kriptosistema valley (or Cryptocoryne) will give its residents the advantage of relaxed legislation: for three years, all of cryptooperation, including mining, be exempt from income tax, VAT, NPFL and/or NPUL (operations should take place only on the territory Cryptocoryne).

In AVANTI believe that this approach will not only help “put” Russia to an innovative way of development, but also to improve its relations with foreign partners and to increase its budget by attracting investments and tax revenue.

The status of crypto-currencies and transactions not yet determined by law, but the law does not prohibit the operation of kryptomere or the holding of ICO. That is currently relevant to cryptosphere in Russia has a distinct “color”. The AVANTI initiative is a step towards crypto-enthusiasts. The authors hope that this will help the development and adoption of technology in the country.

The idea of cryptopsaras in the country is not new: even during the Yalta international economic forum the Chairman of the state Duma Committee on financial market Anatoly Aksakov said that the MPs are positive about the initiative to create CryptoAPI in the Crimea. Crimea is not an area with a relaxed family code (Kaliningrad oblast or Primorsky Krai), but the representative of the state Duma believes that the Peninsula is ideal for Cryptocoryne.

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