Russian Pyotr Levashov faces 50 years in prison for fraud in the U.S.


Russian Pyotr Levashov faces 50 years in prison for fraud in the U.S.

Levashov called the “King of spam”. In April 2017, the Russian programmer was arrested in Spain at the request of the United States. Unlike the case of Vinnik this case considered faster in February 2018 Levashov extradited to the States where he can spend the next fifty years.In the ranking of the European research organization Spamhaus engaged in the systematization of hackers, he ranked seventh. First, Peter guilt is not recognized. He was charged with the management of the Kelihos botnet, which consisted of several million infected computers worldwide. The network without the knowledge of the owners of the machines sent out spam to four billion messages a day.

At yesterday’s court hearing he pleaded guilty, but the confession of things not sped up: the verdict of the Russian spammer will be announced on 6 September 2019.

“38-year-old Peter Y. Levashov from St. Petersburg has pleaded guilty in the district court of the city of Hartford, Connecticut, — reported the press service of the court. — He was charged in relation to its operations in Kelihos botnet that he used to steal access codes, spam and the introduction of malicious computer programs designed to extort”.

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