Ryan Taylor, Dash: crypto-currencies from Central banks — the inevitable future


According to the CEO of Dash Core Group, the major countries are approaching the launch of its own digital money, however, they are unlikely to be able to bring this industry some innovations

Central banks have certain advantages in issuing their own cryptocurrencies, I am sure the Director-General Dash Core Group Ryan Taylor. In an interview with Cointelegraph, he warned that the emergence of such kind of asset — the inevitable future, but people will decide what form of money to use.

The free market can create a better product than the government, says Taylor. The expert added that the authorities of the major countries are unlikely to be able to bring some great innovations in this industry.

According to the Director General Dash Core Group, all countries will begin to regulate the market of digital money and a small state will develop faster in this area due to the lower risks. The world’s largest economy — the United States will begin to monitor the blockchain industry is already in 2019, said the specialist.

The Central banks of several countries such as China, Thailand and Iran are studying the possibility of launching its own national cryptocurrency. At the same time in mid-August, the Deputy head of the Bank of Japan announced that the Agency has no plans to launch its own digital money, as it does not see in it sense.

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