S9 Hydro Antminer from Bitmain for mining bitcoin with hasraton 18 TH/s and water cooling


It seems that the line of ASIC-miners from Bitmain has added an interesting item, although currently it is only available on the Chinese website of the company, and not in the English version. Antminer S9 Hydro is a miner with water cooling, presumably providing Hasrat 18 TH/s for bitcoin mining when consumed 1728 watts. Despite the fact that terhesa more than four than Antminer S9 with air cooling, water cooling, besides the lower operating temperature, provides other benefits: increased efficiency and lower noise levels. The new device is currently available for 7450 yuan (about $1100), including cooling system and power supply.

Specifications Antminer S9 Hydro:

  • Hasrat: 18,0 THs when the SHA256 algorithm ± 5%;
  • power consumption: 1728 W ± 10%;
  • energy efficiency: 96 j / TH/s ± 10%;
  • noise level: 45 dBA at 25°C (max. — 58 dBA min — 26 dBA);
  • completeness: S9 Hydro kit cooling wneh, power supply Antminer APW5.

Bonus Antminer S9 Hydro is that for many devices you can use your own water cooling loop. Although this is a really interesting product and new product from Bitmain, under the current market situation there is no certainty that the initial sales will be high (although the larger mining enterprises may be interested in these devices).

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