“Sale at the weekends” started again: cryptocurrency markets fell by $10 billion


“Sale at the weekends” started again: cryptocurrency markets fell by $10 billion

“Sale on the weekends” launched re: Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Lлайткоин and Cardano lose value.

As predicted yesterday, many analysts, on Saturday, September 29, there was a decline in the market. This cycle was repeated time and again over the last couple of months – in the beginning, for several days, profits grow, and then, in one serious decline, fading. This time, the total market capitalization declined to a level of slightly more than $215 billion, because in the last 24 hours the market left ten billion dollars.

Bitcoin price decreased by 2.5%, to $6540, and remains in the area, unable to rise above $6700. Perhaps mainly because of mixed signals that serve us regulators, traders remain cautious, and “bears” again in the majority. Similarly in the case of the ether, which lost 5% scored yesterday. Its price has dropped to $217 and still looks very pale.

All altcoins are in the red zone as another cryptolepine, apparently, begins to descend.

Among the top ten altcoins have suffered most Cash Bitcoin – its price decreased by 8%, down to $517. Stellar, Litecoin and Cardano also suffered, losing 4 to 5 percent.

The top twenty looks a little better – all altcoins it lost 2 to 4 percent. Loss of Dash and Tron close to 5%.

Only a handful of altcoins is in the green band. This is the Eternal Token, which grew by 8% to us $2.22; Zcoin, the price of which increased by 6.6% and is now equal to a little more than $10; as well as Pivx and ReddCoin, the growth of which today is approximately 4%.

Other altcoins look pretty pathetic – Electroneum suffered the most, the price of the cryptocurrency fell by 23%. It is followed by GXChain and Dentacoin – both fell by 8% during the “sale at the weekend”.

The whole scheme of the price of the course was repeated so often that it begins to pall. It seems that the cryptocurrency is not able to hold the conquered positions, which they lose after a couple of days after the next rise. Total market capitalization decreased today by 3%, to $216 billion From yesterday was lost ten billion. The volume of trade remained at the level of $16 billion, the share of bitcoin account for 52% of the market. In terms of its market share over the past two weeks he has lost the position. “Bearish” trend remains in force.

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