Samourai Wallet warns of new danger – “dust attack”


Samourai Wallet warns of new danger – “dust attack”

Unknown sent to the addresses of the active users token amount in the crypt.

Bots that promise fabulous giveaway, have not gone away — Twitter still crawling with doppelgangers of celebrities promising to thank the generous payment for each one to tell them your address, by sending a nominal amount of the cryptocurrency.

But there are new attack — now unknown well-wishers themselves send small amounts to addresses of active users. And why they do it — while not completely clear, but security experts do not recommend the use of the thus-obtained funds in outbound transactions.

One of the first decided on the response to this phenomenon, the provider of software Samourai purse Wallet. “If you have recently received a very small amount of bitcoin, you can be purpose of “dust attack,” — said in a statement. The goal of such an attack — deanonimizatsiya, and Samourai recommends that you select for the thus obtained amount of the option “do not spend”.

The algorithm, which is presumably used by the attackers, based on the characteristics of the UTXO (Unspent Transaction Outputs, “outputs are unspent transaction”).

About what it is and how it can be used for data processing, it is possible to read, for example, in the article Bitcoin datalogy, which was previously published Hash#Telegraph.

According to experts Samourai, the bottom line is this — one wallet uses a different address. But knowing which address was sent a small amount with a specific UTXO-label, you can track and outgoing transaction from a different address, thereby finding out that these addresses belong to the same wallet. In addition, other UTXO labels used in this outbound transactions will also be known to third parties, which is why it may be needed.

As formulated by one of the reddit users “it’s like someone secretly poured some glitter on you school backpack, to figure out which of the lockers in the hallway of yours.”

However, it turned out that some of these “dust attack” explains the marketing activity of the service Each day the service sends the active address for 0,00000888 bitcoin, advertising their services.

All transactions received with the address of nachinalsya “1BestMix…”. The campaign covers active addresses that received $1500, the amount always fixed. “Currently, the distribution list included over 75 thousand addresses, the budget share is 0,65 bitcoin or $4,500 a day,” the company said.

However, the essence of what is happening it does not change just by seeing unexpected payment 0,00000888 bitcoin from address “1BestMix…” you can understand from whom it came. And to use these funds for future transactions here already everyone decides for himself.

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