Satoshi Nakamoto — grandson of Makhno?


Today, 29 September, in Kiev, in the place which once held a statue of Lenin, opening of the monument Satoshi Nakamoto. Moreover, the virtual monument.

A kind of installation is the first of several planned in the framework of the project “City augmented reality”, which is run under the auspices of Satoshi Nakamoto Republic.

“Since no one knows who Satoshi Nakamoto, he may be a Ukrainian, and hence the grandson or great-grandson of Makhno,” said Alexander Soroka, the founder of the Satoshi Nakamoto Republic.

So, a simple desire to have fun became a global project.

The so-called memorial ceremony began with the procession of the species cryptoendoliths who carried posters with slogans that supported bitcoin and decentralization of society.


Planned before the end of this year to open two virtual installations Satoshi Nakamoto in the United States.

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