SBI is approaching the launch of the payment application MoneyTap for blockchain Ripple




Japanese financial services group SBI Holdings will launch the app on the blockchain Ripple for client payments called MoneyTap, which will function on Android and iOS.

SBI Ripple Asia is a joint project developed by SBI Holdings and financial Fintek giant Ripple in San Francisco in early 2016. This collaboration will soon launch app “MoneyTap”, reported General Director Takashi Okita in his Twitter.


— 沖田 貴史 T. OKITA (@OKITATakashi) September 12, 2018

MoneyTap is the first notable application for blockchain technology from Ripple for consumer retail payments in Japan that allows customers to domestic banks to conduct transactions 24 hours a day, seven days a week using the QR-code, phone number or Bank account numbers. There is no evidence that the technology uses a token XRP, at this point such a development is unlikely.

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