Scientists first measured the beam in space 6D


Scientists first measured the beam in space 6D

A team of researchers at UT-ORNL conducted the first complete study of beam characteristics of linear accelerator of particles in six dimensions.

A six-dimensional space includes an additional three coordinates for each primary axis for fixing the movement or speed. Scientists say that in the 6D beam has such a complex structure, consisting of a mass of layers that it is impossible to distinguish, even in four-dimensional space. The study also revealed that the structure of the beam becomes more complicated with increasing intensity.

Previous attempts to fully characterize the beam of the accelerator failed due to the “curse of dimensionality” in which the higher dimensions of observation on a small scale is exponentially harder. To bypass this problem, scientists have combined three dimensional space to represent a pseudo-6D.

The researchers say that this study helps better understand the nature of the movement of energy and matter at the quantum level, and it is vital to create models of more powerful accelerators in the hundreds of megawatts. It is expected that these laws will be studied during the next decades.

Researchers of the state Corporation “rostec” do not lag behind Western counterparts and plan to create a nanostructured cell.

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